The venus of the shrine Do you want to be a shrine maiden?


The venus of the shrine Do you want to be a shrine maiden?

Have you ever been to the shrine in Japan?
Well, there are the temple and the shrine as standard religious sites in Japan.

The temple is originated from Buddhism, that founded by Siddhartha Gautama, who born in India in 600 B.C.
And the shrine is originated from Shintoism, everything, even small things, has each god, and also it’s said animism.

In the 6th century, Buddhism was recognized as the national religion in Japan, but at the same time,
there were shrines.
The shrine and the temple look almost same, but things are different;
for example, worshiped gods, states, and ways to pray.

Speaking of the Japanese shaman in ancient time, it’s Himiko who governed Yamataikoku and received the words of
the gods.
Though there is no shaman like Himiko in Shintoism now, shrine maidens, in spite of Himiko, pray and
dance for the gods, and give amulets.

Their beautiful original wears, the white kimono and the red hakama, are the symbol of purity.

Some people know shrine maidens by cartoons.

If you want to be a shrine maiden for a day, you can be it in act.

Of course, it’s possible to experience people who aren’t a Shintoist.
Some shrines accept tourists from abroad.

Why don’t you experience to be a shrine maiden to pray and dance for the gods?
If you stand in front of an alter in the tatami floored solemn shrine, you’ll feel tense in the
solemn atmosphere.

About the shrine and Shintoism;

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