Judo on the tatami Brush up the spirits and techniques to be polite and respectful to somebody


Judo on the tatami Brush up the spirits and techniques to be polite and respectful to somebody

Do you know Judo, that is one of Olympic event?

This sport comes from Japan; wear the uniform like a white kimono on the tatami, and match one-on-one.

It’s like professional wreathing though, its techniques and rules are exactly decided.
It’s important to use your opponent applying the principal of leverage for techniques.

“In yielding is strength.”
Well trained players can throw down bigger opponents even if they are small.
It’s quite delightful, isn’t it?

And the most important thing for Judo is not to be strong, but also to respect opponents and spirits
to be polite and respectful to somebody.

Judo starts with a bow, and end with a bow.
When you learn Judo, you will not only practice it, but also be taught daily rules and behaviors.

The reason why Judo attracts people in the world is its strictness to brush up both the heart and the body.

Russia’s President Putin is also one of them.
He met with Judo when he spent his time with bad companies on the street in his childhood,
he learnt right mind.

President Putin says
“My life has been changed. I appreciate to Judo and Japan.”

Even Judo is introduced by textbooks in Russia.

Well, Judo is different from other fighting sports though, its history is not so long;
it was born 130 years ago in “Eisho-ji Temple” in Ueno, Tokyo.

Jigoro KANO, who is looking for the way to train both the mind and the body, made it by
combining ancient martial arts.

When they did Judo on the wooden floor of the temple, it was so noisy, so that they put the tatami.
And they realized that its favorable cushion performance avoid injuries and hurts.

After then, Judo was decided to do on the tatami.

Now, there are strong tatami mats for Judo, and the tatami is used all over the world.

If you put the tatami at home, where children are jumping and playing, it reduces the load on
knees and injuries.
Children are easy to hurt their knees, so that we recommend the tatami.

Judo was rapidly spread to the world, and became an Olympic event after 60 years of its born.
Now, Judo has been played in more than 200 countries.

Kodokan in Bunkyo-ku, built as a training place for Judo by Jigoro KANO, is longed by Judo fans from
all over the world as the holy place of Judo.
When President Putin comes to Japan, he visits Kodokan to play Judo.

Next Olympic is in Tokyo in 2020, it means it’ll be held in the place where Judo was born.
You can check and enjoy interests as Judo.

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