Shobuyu and Kakinohazushi Healed by herbal scents


Shobuyu and Kakinohazushi Healed by herbal scents

Shobuyu and Kakinohazushi Healed by herbal scents

Shobuyu and Kakinohazushi Healed by herbal scents

On the Children’s Day, the day of Tangonosekku, people take a Shobuyu.
Shobu is Japanese irises that a water plant has slender and hard leafs, and it has a fresh woody scent.

In ancient China, Shobu leaves formed like swords, and people believed that it was the symbol of the men
because its fresh scent protected from the evils and helped healthy growth.
Also in Japan, it was used as an herbal bath for a long time ago.

But in the Edo Period, the pronunciation of “Shobu” was same means of “militarism”, so that samurai people
loved it and established Shobuyu.

In Kaga Hot Springs area in Ishikawa Prefecture, “Shobuyu Festival” is held in June.

In Yakuouinonsenji in Yamashiro Onsen, portable shrines walk around, and get Shobu into the baths.

During this season, you can take a Shobuyu in any hot spring inns in this area.

If you take a bath while smelling this vivid scent of Shobu, you’ll be very fine like you were reborn.

And it’s necessary to eat Kakinohazushi, a famous food in this season.
It’s a kind of sushi, wrapped with a persimmon leaf that has an antiseptic action, and a little scent
from a persimmon leaf makes delicious taste.

You can buy Kakinohazushi as a souvenir in sushi restaurants.

Let’s book a luxury Japanese room and eat it with a cup of green tea.
Please be relaxed from the heart with Japanese woody scents like Shobu, a persimmon leaf, a green tea,
and the Japanese room.

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