Hakodate in the summer Vol.2 Squid somen and Salt ramen


Hakodate in the summer   Vol.2 Squid somen and Salt ramen

Hakodate in the summer   Vol.2 Squid somen and Salt ramen

Hakodate, where is faced to the sea, is able to catch fresh fishes like urchins, tunas, and crabs through a year.

During the summer season, it’s the best season for squids.
It’s delicious to cook like Spanish Bar, frying them with garlic, chills, and olive oils, but it’s good to eat by “Squid somen” for fresh and transparent squids.

“Squid somen” is sashimi that cut squid like noodles.
If you eat them with soy sauce with a bit ginger, a nice taste of squid will fill your mouth.

Squid is a good food that has high protein and low fat.
There are a lot of taurine to recover from your fatigue, and minerals like zinc and vitamin.

When squids become old, it becomes white and smelling.
If you felt squids were not delicious before, please try it again by squid somen in Hakodate.

And then, a delicious popular food in Hakodate through a year is salt ramen.
There is Hokkaido three major ramen; salt ramen in Hakodate, Sapporo ramen that has thick noodles and miso taste, and soy sauce ramen in Asahikawa.

Hakodate salt ramen is clear soup, good salt flavor, and street and thin noodles.
The fresh and elegant soup is quite delicious, and noodles are smooth, so that it’s good to eat.

It’s like a chicken soup with thin pastas.

Though it depends on the shops, there are boiled polk fillets, boiled eggs, and green vegetables in the soup.
You will wish to eat them at several restaurants.

Hakodate has been familiar with the Western culture since long time ago, so there is a lot of delicious food like fresh Hakodate foods in Western restaurants and simple local foods.

After walking for a day, eating, and being tired, you can take rest at the accommodation .

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