Chilled syrup is good in the summer The Japanese wisdom to blow up the steaminess


Chilled syrup is good in the summer The Japanese wisdom to blow up the steaminess

Each place in the world has each special drink for the hot day.
Also, there are some drinks in Japan, and this time, we will introduce “chilled syrup” among them.

Chilled syrup is made of malt syrup mixed with water and ginger and iced.
It is like the ginger ale without carbonic acid.

But, this is not just a cold and sweet ginger water.

The first point is malt syrup.
When boiled rice and starch of tubers and roots mixed with malt, it is fermented and becomes sweet.

When boiled them, it becomes malt sugar.

Malt sugar is naturally sweet.
And the blood glucose level raises slowly, so that it is good for people who limits glucose.
At the Chinese traditional medicine called Kanpo, it maintains stomach, relieves a pain and a cough, and also, it is able to use for babies.

Ginger is a good medical plant of anti-flame, anti-bacterial, analgesia, and improving blood circulation.

This time, you are able to understand about the combination between malt sugar and ginger.
It is able to heal you from the hotness and summer heat fatigue.

When it is hot, we often eat cold foods too much and become sick, but chilled syrup does not have such problem.

When we drink chilled syrup, we feel stimuli by ginger, and it becomes sweet from malt sugar, after that, its coldness makes our body cool.
If we drink it in the comfortable tatami floored room, where the wind blows, it will be the best.

There are two types of chilled syrup; the type to drink itself and concentrated type that is to mix with water.
Malt sugar itself is also sold.

When malt sugar mixes with grated ginger, we are able to enjoy chilled syrup all the time, and also, it is able to use for various sweets like maple syrup or agave syrup.

During the cold season, we are able to mix it with hot water, and it becomes “thick malt syrup”.
It will be good for the cold day or the beginning of sick.