Go to the world of Hyakunin Isshu!! Be a Heian Princess


Go to the world of Hyakunin Isshu!! Be a Heian Princess

There is a popular comic “Chihayafuru” about the youth of high school students who are enthusiastic into Hyakunin Isshu.
Even its cartoon and movie, Suzu HIROSE is a main actress, are very popular.

Do you know that there are All Japan High School Karuta Tournament, that characters tried, and Oumi Shrine in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, where the tournament is held?

Oumi Shrine was built by Emperor Tenji, who composed the first poem of Hyakunin Isshu, and it’s the holy place for competition karuta.

Even if you aren’t a fan of “Chihayafuru”, you’ll want to visit this popular place by its historical atmosphere.
In Oumi Shrine, there are two activities to experience the charms of karuta.

One is to wear a hakama.
While wearing a hakama, you can take photos and walk around.

Hakama is to wear a pant like culotte on a Japanese wear.
It’s good to act, so that we may say it fighting trim of Japanese wear.

Men wear it for daily, and women wear it if they need like Kendo.

In the Karuta Tournament, girls wear it.
In the Taisho Period, it was wear as a school uniform for girls, and then, we can see them on their graduation day in the current.

If you wear a hakama and walk around Oumi Shrine, you can feel like Suzu HIROSE or a girl student.

Another experience is to wear Junihitoe and to take photos.
There are some pictures in Hyakunin Issu, that princesses in the Heian Period were drawn.

These princesses wear Junihitoe, that is twelve-layered ceremonial kimono.
It’s like a Japan version of Disney Princess.

If you wear Junihitoe and sit on the stand on the tatami, you can be like a beautiful picture of Hyakunin Isshu.

Why don’t you experience this old Japanese culture?

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Source of photos:http://oumijingu.org/