Attractions as the winter “Beautiful” and “delicious” Japanese taste in Toyama


Attractions as the winter “Beautiful” and “delicious” Japanese taste in Toyama

Attractions as the winter “Beautiful” and “delicious” Japanese taste in Toyama

Attractions as the winter “Beautiful” and “delicious” Japanese taste in Toyama

Japan has four seasons, and there are seasonal scenes and foods in each season.
It is popular for tourists from both Japan and abroad as “charms of Japan”.

Where much snow falls in the winter is like a treasure house that wants to go; there are snow scenes as the winter, the marvelous nature view in the clear and cold air, the air bath while seeing the snow, seasonal fatty fishes, and so on.

If you visit Japan, you should enjoy to go there including its colder.

There is Tateyama Mountain Range in the scene of the town.
3,000 metros of mountains, “the symbol of the faith” that was read in Manyo-shu, looked down Toyama Prefecture.

The highest architecture in Toyama Prefecture “Kurobe Dam” that it is 186 meters height and 492 meters width, and it is one of famous dams in Japan.
Kurobe Dam was built in the land of mystery by a huge cost, and taking for seven years.

A lot of people visit here every day as the tourist spot in Toyama.

Toyama Prefecture has the attractions of both sea and mountains, and also, it is another attrition that there are a lot of hot springs that are free flowing hot spring.
“Unazuki-Onsen Hot Spring” is the clearest water in Japan and rich amounts of water.

Gladly, it is located in the hot spring village with retro atmosphere, and you can spend the luxurious time like being relaxed in the foot bath while strolling slowly.
Marvelous views of the iron bridge built across Kurobe Canyon and “Truck train” of Kurobe Canyon Railway is the place that a lot of people visit to shoot photos.

It is very Unazuki-Onsen Hot Spring experiences to see the rich nature and be shaken on the train.

Seeing the rich nature from the window of the tasteful hot spring inn, you may see the wild Japanese monkeys or Japanese serows!
It is surely the best to eat delicious seafoods and spend relaxing time on the tatami floored Japanese room.

You should enjoy the winter of Japan in the cold place.
Why don’t you visit Toyama in the winter, that is fulfilled by rich and beautiful nature and delicious foods?

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