Enjoy to drink Japanese sake Bishu Hot Pot in Hiroshima


Enjoy to drink Japanese sake Bishu Hot Pot in Hiroshima

Enjoy to drink Japanese sake Bishu Hot Pot in Hiroshima

Do you like the Japanese original alcohol “Japanese sake”?

It is a transparent alcohol made from fermented rice and malted rice.
There are various ways to make Japanese sake in each place of Japan; the one made from the rice only, the one added the alcohol, and there are various types of rices and ways to format to make it.

It has effects to take the smell of seafoods, so that it is often used for cooking.
Furthermore, it is matched well with Japanese foods, and makes you warm.

When you drink or put it on your skin, your skin would be moisten because malted rice is good for your skin.

It is difficult to stop talking about Japanese sake, but this time, we can introduce you “Bishu Hot Pot” to enjoy the taste of Japanese sake.

In Kamonotsuru, an old brewery in Hiroshima, a lot of workers, called Touji work there.
Busy Touji thought Bishu Hot Pot to eat a delicious food in the shortest time.

Fly the chicken breast meat, liver, and pork back ribs.
Then, add Japanese sake and vegetables on it, and boil them to burn off the alcohol.

Seasonings are only the salt, the pepper, and garlics.
Touji needs to do tasting Japanese sake during their work, so they need to avoid strong flavor to be posited their sense of the tongue.

When vegetables and meats are boiled, you can eat them with mixed eggs.

Japanese sake makes meats and vegetables softer and sweeter, and makes you warm.
It is good to eat with mixed eggs, and you will not be bored its taste.

There are boiled foods with alcohol all over the world, but this time, you can enjoy the taste as the alcohol made from the rice.

Now, Bishu Hot Pot is a famous food of Hiroshima.
Representing restaurants managed by Shimonotsuru, you can eat it at various restaurants.

Brewery Shimonotsuru

After eating Bishu Hot Pot, why don’t you sleep in the tatami floored room, where is able to see the sea of Hiroshima?
You will see the good dream.

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