Gorgeous sea bream somen by happy sea bream


Gorgeous sea bream somen by happy sea bream

Speaking of the king of fishes in Japan, it is sea bream.
Its shiny body with gradations from brilliant pink to silver is white meat, and its taste is simple and good.

If you eat by sashimi, it is crunchy.

When you boil the born, it gives good taste like consommé, so that it is the best for boiled meals and soups.
The Sea bream ha a lot of nutrients to make your body; for example, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, phosphoric, and so on.

Among the tastes and nutrients, it is the king of fishes.

It said “Medetai (happy)” by playing with words in Japanese, so it is necessary as a celebrating meals.

There are various sea breams’ meals everywhere in Japan.
One of the meal to enjoy beautiful and delicious sea bream is sea bream somen, eaten around the Seto Inland Sea.

The way to cook is simple.
The whole sea bream is boiled with the salt, sake, and soy sauce if you like.

On the other hand, somen is boiled and put and decorate on a big dish like waves.
The sea bream is put on it and the soup is poured into it.

You can add chopped fried eggs, boiled Japanese mushrooms, and leeks if you like.

You can eat the sea bream and somen with the soup from the sea bream.
It is a tremendous and delicious meal to enjoy the sea bream.

Each region or family have each taste; for example, there are salty soup to show the color of the sea bream, soy sauce taste soup to bring out the rich taste, and udon instead of somen.

All tastes of delicious sea bream absorb into the noodles, and it is quite delicious.
When you eat it in the tatami floored room, you will feel the Japanese people’s insistence on the taste.

If you tour around the Set Inland Sea, why don’t you compare the taste of sea bream somens?
They are different, but delicious!

After eating sea bream somen, you will love the sea bream.

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