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Let's understand the structure of the tatami
The washi tatami is made by weaving thin washi over and under alternatingly upon a special string. If this string breaks, the washi become loose.
If the tatami is cut in the same direction as the string, the tatami may fold over to the position of the string nearest to the cut face.
If you cut perpendicular to the string, the tatami will fray and fall out.
The tatami cannot be cut diagonally nor in a circular shape.
You can prevent further fraying by the method shown below, if you cut perpendicular to the string. However, if you cut in a circular shape, it is impossible to prevent further fraying so please be careful.
Cutting and fray prevention
The Tatami-Sheet can easily be cut with utensils like retractable knives. If you are cutting along the weaves (perpendicular to the central combining string), cut 3~5 cm larger than the actual size that you will use.
Loosen up the extra 3~5 cm and expose the central combining string.

* The Tatami-Sheet has gone through a special process, thus adhesive tapes and other adhesives will not work. There are two methods to prevent from fraying, by collecting the specially processed washi using a string that did not go through the same processing.
1. Tie the central combining
    strings together
1. Tie the central combining strings together
Fraying is prevented by combining 3~5 strands at once.
2. Glue together the central
  combining strings together
2. Glue together the central
    combining strings together
The exposed central combining string is not treated with water-repellent, so it is possible to combine the strings by gluing them together with adhesives like wood glue, in order to prevent fraying.
How to fold
Because of its structure, the Tatami-Sheet can be folded in direction A of the picture on the right, but cannot be easily folded in direction B.
Although relatively easier, folding the sheet in direction A needs a bit of technique. Try folding it with the method shown below.
Steaming and ironig Tatami-Sheet along the line that you plan to fold it.
Using a metal foot ruler as a guide, firmly fold over the Tatami-Sheet.
Even when you plan to fold the Tatami-Sheet 90 degrees, completely fold it 180 degrees.
Additionally, hit the Tatami-Sheet with a rubber hammer to make a solid fold.
Open up the Tatami-Sheet and make sure that there is a fold line.
How to fixate the Tatami-Sheet
When wrapping it around a core material, wrap the cut edge inside like the picture below, and then staple it together.