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About the handling of
personal information
The website (referred to as “this website” from this point forward) run by Kunieda Co. (referred to as “this company” from this point forward) recognizes the importance of the protection of private information, and pays the closest attention concerning the appropriate handling of our customers’ personal information. We have established a privacy policy so that customers can use this website without worries, and will cont inue to carefully handle the personal information provided by our customers through this website, adhering to the privacy policy. In order to provide our customers with the best service possible, all our employees take appropriate measures to manage, process, and to realize effective risk management concerning the handling of personal information, in order to protect and to prevent leakage of our customers’ personal information.
When using this site, only provide your personal information after completely understanding and agreeing to this privacy policy.
Definition of personal
Personal information is information that concerns a certain individual, for example name, birth date, gender, phone number, E-mail address, occupation, work place, and order details, that can be used to identify the said individual.
Use of personal information
This company will only use personal information in the scope of the usages clearly declared or notified to customers beforehand, or in an equivalent and relative scope necessary in order to carry on business; exceptions include cases where the presentation of said personal information is required by law.
Furthermore, in cases where the handling of personal information is entrusted upon an outside agency, we will prevent leakage and redistribution of personal information from that agency by concluding a contact concerning safety management.
Disclosure of personal
information to a third party
This company will appropriately manage personal data collected from customers, and will not disclose it to a third party without the consent of the customer, except for the situations listed below.
- The customer has already given consent
- When it was decided necessary to disclose information to affiliate companies or right holders, in order to provide service or information to customers or to answer inquiries.
- When this company entrusts business to outside agencies, with whom we have already concluded a non-disclosure agreement, in order to facilitate and optimize business.
- When the personal data is discl osed anonymously through statistics and surveys.
- When it is necessary to disclose information to a financial institution in order to settle a payment for purchased products or service provided to customers.
- When the disclosure of personal information was required by law, or when official institutions, like the court or the police, have requested its disclosure.
Information about cookies
This website uses cookies to check login status of the registered user, to count the number of unique users, to improve user's convenience, and to certify the user.
- When the user visits this website, cookies are sent to identify the user.
- When the user login the website, we send and save cookies on his/her browser to identify the user. And to certify the user on this website, cookies are sent to identify the certified user.If the user allows to receive cookies on his/her browser, cookies are saved on his/her computer.
- If the user allows to send cookies on his/her browser, the web server receives cookies from the user's browser. But to protect privacy of the user's browser, only cookies, sent from the website itself, are sent.
- The user can refuse to send and receive cookies if the user refuse it by settings. But in this case, the user cannot use services that need to login the website.
- Sometimes cookies are used for advertisings on this website. In this case, cookies are used according to the privacy policy of advertisings.
Third party tracking system
This website receives statistical site use information from cookies for the third-party (*1), image files (web beacon), and mobile advertising ID to analyze how the user uses this website and to deliver optimal advertisings. Furthermore, these cookies and web beacons include that the third-party receives user information directly, and these cookies are managed according to the privacy policy of the third-party while cookies are not sent to this website. Access analytics tool analyzes user information from advertising networks. This information is received by anonymous data instead of identifying the private information. And these are not used for other purposes.

*1: Please check the third-party or DDAI site about the privacy policy of the third-party, details about cookies, and how to deactivate them.
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Safety management of
personal information
This company has appointed a dedicated manager for the handling of customers’ personal information, and strives for appropriate management and the prevention of leakage to the outside world.
In addition to that, this company attends to the protection of customers’ personal information by enforcing appropriate and reasonable safety measures against illegal accesses from the outside, or dangers inc luding losses, destruction, and manipulation.
Protection of personal
information at link
This company is not at all responsible for guaranteeing the safety of personal information, at third party websites that are linked from this website.
Please make sure to read and confirm the privacy policies of the said linked websites, concerning the protection and management of personal information at those websites.
The continual improvement and maintaining of the protection of personal information
This company strives to maintain appropriate handling of personal information by enforcing policies set by this company, concerning the protection of personal information, on all employees and outside agencies we have concluded a contract with. Furthermore this company carries on education and continually reevaluates and improves the aforementioned policies.
Obeying of laws and
This company will obey all laws and standards concerning the handling of personal information, including the Personal Information Protection Law.