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For DIY !
For tatami
manufacturing business !
You can make any kind of item
depending on your creativity.
The sheet that covers the place-able tatami is the “Tatami-Sheet.” The placeable tatami is made by placing the Tatami-Sheet over a core material (an insulation board) with cushioning material placed on top of it.Then nonslip material is applied on the underside.
For those who would like to make tatami from scratch, we provide this roll of the Tatami-Sheet (width 105 cm, length 20.1 m).
Not only you can enjoy DIY products personally, this item is perfect for those who are thinking of starting a tatami manufacturing business.
You can create various kinds of original items other than just placing the tatami on the floor: for example placing it on the Sheet of a bench, using it for room accessories like luncheon mats, tapestries, and ornaments.
Purchase the Tatami-Sheet from here.
W105cmXD20.1m Weight 23kg
Weight 23kg
750- USD/1 roll
free shipping